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At Orangeburg Plumbers, we are on a mission to provide the best plumbers in Orangeburg, SC while offering excellent customer care to all Orangeburg and surrounding area residents.


There are three primary values that drive us:

  • On Time Service: We understand plumbing in Orangeburg needs and know that our customers demand an expert company that can fix their problems when they need them done. That’s why we offer same day service on most plumbing projects as well as emergency 24 hour plumbing for those immediate needs.
  • Customer Service: Our plumbing service is only as good as our word. Integrity matters in the plumbing business and we want to treat every customer as if they are our own family. We go above and beyond to make customers feel like they are part of our family! Plumbing in Orangeburg needs a company you can trust.
  • Affordable Plumbing Services: We get it…plumbing is usually not something you were planning to spend money on this month. While this is how we make our living, we don’t want to do so by charging exhorbitant prices for our services. We pride ourselves on offering affordable plumbing in Orangeburg SC, Orangeburg County, and surrounding areas.

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Why Choose Us

We Value the Customer

You’re not just a buck to us. We treat you like family because our customers deserve not only great plumbing in Orangeburg but also to be treated fairly!

We are the #1 Plumbing Service

Our work speaks for itself. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the job we perform. You can rest easy knowing Orangeburg Plumbers is taking care of you.

Affordable Plumbing in Orangeburg

You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your unexpected plumbing need. We promise not to overcharge and to give our customers the affordable plumbing service they desire.


Frequently Asked Plumbing in Orangeburg SC Questions

Do you offer emergency 24 hour Plumbing service?

Yes, we do! Call us for your 24 hour emergency plumber in Orangeburg needs, whether that’s a busted line, an overlowing toilet, a leak in your sink or bathroom plumbing. Whatever your emergency plumbing need, we can fix the issue. Call us now at (803) 653-6170

Water is backing up in my sink or shower when I flush. What do I do?

A clogged drain is a problem you may need an expert plumber for. This is likely a clogged branch line or possibly a clogged main sewer line. You won’t be able to fix this issue by plunging. Call us and we can help. (803) 653-6170

I have what looks like sewage coming out of my toilet. What do I do?

This is usually not just a clogged toilet. What you likely have is a clogged branch and need a professional plumber to clear the line. 

What is the loud noise I hear when I turn off the water?

It could be one of several issues.

First, you could have loose pipes. Loose pipes need to be anchored down to prevent movement in the line. If you need pipe repair or repiping services, we are your best choice.

Second, you may have a damaged air chamber in your plumbing. If they are filled with water, they won’t work correctly.

Third, the water pressure could simply be too high. A psi over 80 indicates a problem. If you don’t have a water pressure gauge to test, you need to call a plumber.

Fourth, old homes often have pipes that have buildup. The best solution for old pipes is to have them replaced.

What areas do you service?

We proudly offer plumbing in Orangeburg SC and service all of Orangeburg County including, Bowman, Branchville, Cope, Cordova, Elloree, Eutawville, Holly Hill, Livingston, Neeses, North, Norway, Rowesville, Santee, Springfield, Vance, and Woodford. We also service adjacent counties, Calhoun, Bamberg, and Barnwell.


We Give Orangeburg the Highest Quality Work, Guaranteed.



We offer a satisfaction guarantee on every plumbing in Orangeburg project we service. You can rest assured that you are getting expert service that is licensed and insured. We respond fast and can meet any plumbing need you have!

We Serve the Entire Orangeburg Area

We are proud to serve Orangeburg County areas including, Bowman, Branchville, Cope, Cordova, Elloree, Eutawville, Holly Hill, Livingston, Neeses, North, Norway, Rowesville, Santee, Springfield, Vance, and Woodford. We also service adjacent countie, Calhoun County, Bamberg, and Barnwell.

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